November 6-12, 2017

Celebrating Kodiak's Scandinavian Heritage

Kodiak Scandianvian Culture & Film Fest

Just as winter settles on the island of Kodiak, Alaska, the light of music, art, dance and film will brighten the dark days as the community celebrates the Kodiak Scandinavian Culture and Film Fest, Nov. 6-12, 2017. Out-of-town guests and island residents will demonstrate the beauty of Scandinavian music and art and show how the Scandinavian culture is woven into the texture of Kodiak history. The Kodiak Scandinavian Culture and Film Fest is sponsored by the Island Viking Lodge of Sons of Norway with help from the Kodiak Arts Council, the Kodiak Public Library, the Kodiak Island Borough School District and other agencies and organizations.


The Festival will include workshops on Scandinavian art, genealogy and cooking, the worldwide premiere of films high-lighting Scandinavian influence on Kodiak Island, dance and music workshops and presentations, a multicultural potluck and lecture and demonstrations about Scandinvian arts.

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Opening Ceremony – Honoring families Monday November 6 at 7:00 PM at the Afognak Center

Adults $12
Children 12 and under free
Includes light refreshments and prize drawing.

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Music & Dance

Concerts, Children’s workshops, Mouth Bow Workshop

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Award-winning documentary and wildlife filmmaker, Stefan Quinth, presents a new series of films from Kodiak, including a short film on Alaska’s first Native bear hunting guide, Larry Matfay.

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Norwegian Coffee House Monday-Thursday (Nov 6-9) Kodiak Public Library

Scandinavians love their coffee. Join us for a cup!

See program for times

Learn to bake Norwegian Lefse with Betsy Lund
Monday November 6
2:00pm at the Kodiak Public Library

Nordic Living History Workshop
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Kodiak Public Library

Tuesday 11/7   2:30-6:30
Thursday 11/9  2:30-6:30
Saturday 11/12 1-4:30.

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Discover your roots Wednesday November 8, 2:30 – 4:00 PM
Kodiak Public Library

Geneology and storytelling with Linda Kozak.

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Building a Mouth Bow Workshop
Wednesday November 8, 4:00 – 5:00 pm at Fisherman’s Hall (near the Harbor Master)

Open to children grades 3-5 , and their families.

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Scandinavian influences in architecture Wednesday November 8 at 7:00PM
Baranov Museum

Jim Dillard speaks on Finnish architecture on Kodiak

Free Event

Sons of Norway Bake Sale
Thursday November 9
6:00 pm in the foyer of the Gerald Wilson Auditorium

Stock up on the goodies! Proceeds go to Scholarship Fund

The Sami Reindeer People of Alaska Exhibit at the Baranov Museum and the Kodiak Public Library

See program for times

Cross-Cultural Potluck Friday November 10 at 6:00PM
Afognak Cultural Center

Join us for a cultural evening as we share food, music & dance from all over the world. Children from Kodiak schools will perform Scandinavian dances they have learned at workshops this week.
Great doorprizes donated from Kodiak’s benevolent businesses!

Crosscut Saw Event Saturday November 11 at 11:00 am Kodiak Baptist Mission Barn

Come try your hand at sawing logs! Jim Dillard leads the event with a demonstration followed by a competition!

Refreshments will be served! Free Event

Honoring our Scandinavian Ancestors

This is not an event, but it is a tribute to some of the many Scandinavians who have contributed to the history and development of Kodiak.

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Special Guests

We are honored to have special guests coming to Kodiak to take part in our celebration.

Stefan Quinth

Award-winning documentary & wildlife filmmaker, Stefan Quinth has produced several films about Kodiak and many other places in the world.

Ross Sutter

Artist and musician, Ross Sutter— popular in schools across the nation— will teach Kodiak and village students about Scandinavian music & dance. They will build and learn to play their own psalmonica.

Art Bjorngeld

Art, a musician & storyteller, will join Ross in children’s workshops. Art performs Scandinavian folk dance music on fiddle, guitar and accordion.

Char & Bruce Bostrom

will entertain audiences with her fiddling and will work with local teachers. Bruce has taught folkdance at festivals and workshops in the United States and Sweden. The couple will add a lot of fun and energy to the workshop.

Tammi Fogle

will be displaying ancient Nordic dress as well as demonstrating centuries-old Scandinavian knitting at the Nordic Living History Workshop.

Linda Kozak

will be showing us the secrets of searching for you roots. Geneology workshop at the library.

Jim Dillard

will host an exciting crosscut saw event and give insight into the Finnish influence on Kodiak architecture.

Betsy Lund

will demostrate how to bake Norwegian lefse!

Get involved!

You can be a part of the Festival by sharing your Scandinavian stories. Contact Mike or Kathy Rostad at 907-486-2908 or 907-654-0445.

A Huge Thank You!

The Kodiak Scandinavian Culture and Film Fest gratefully received financial, in-kind and supportive contributions from the Community Partners of the Kodiak Library, the Kodiak Arts Council and the Alutiiq and Baranov Museums and the Kodiak Baptist Mission.The Kodiak Scandinavian Culture and Film Fest gratefully received financial, in-kind and supportive contributions from the Community Partners of the Kodiak Library, the Kodiak Arts Council and the Alutiiq and Baranov Museums and the Kodiak Baptist Mission.


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